Medical Solutions Unlimited, Inc

Our Background & Education

*  Virginia Tech Dept of Applied Economics

*  University of Kentucky Dept of Agricultural Economics

*  Summit Professional Education * Advanced Coding & Billing certification

*  Many other certifications since 1985

Medical Billing & Coding

Medical Solutions Unlimited Inc is a FULL service medical billing company in business since 1999.   We use EMR/PC, ePCR with automatic state reporting nationwide.  We offer multiple EMR software options for our providers convenience.  Direct electronic submission of claims insures prompt payment.  Our claims scrubbing software technology insures 98% claims approval on first submission.  Most new customers experience a dramatic increase in revenue collections.

Our software access allows real time eligibility, claims submission acknowledgment reports, claims status and online claims resubmit.  This allows for immediate claims turn around and resubmit that insures prompt payment and higher revenues.

Our advanced billing software technology allows for aggressive and systematic claims follow up.  We follow all claims from start to finish to include initial claim payment, secondary payment and any patient due account balances.  

Our staff members are certified coding and billing experts.  We offer 30 years medical office, hospital and EMS claims experience with a wealth of experience in specialty practice providers, EMS Ambulance Services as well as psychiatric counceling and family practice providers. 

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